I focused this project on two potential uses for social media design by IM ABLE foundation:
an event-specific campaign, and an evergreen content campaign.

The Event Campaign focuses on the upcoming IM ABLE Got The Nerve? Triathlon, seeking to engage
volunteers and participants for the event. The Event campaign features ideas and assets for Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

The Evergreen campaign seeks to increase awareness for the IM ABLE cause and drive engagement to the foundation's social media platforms. This includes post concepts and updated designs for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, along with a compelling infographic.

Full disclosure that obviously these photos and many IM ABLE logos displayed below were created by others and are in use currently. 

I am clearly not attempting to take credit for that great photo of medals at the triathlon, or that
epic GIF of Michael Jordan below (although how I embedded it within a mockup may be impressive in and of itself?) --

I simply know how to utilize assets provided and consult public domain (legally) when campaigns could
benefit from a good GIF,  a culturally relevant reference, or a video featuring ten seconds or so of a pop song.
I think original design should be a priority, but so should being topically relevant and fun whenever possible.

That said, pretty much everything else you'll find was painstakingly crafted by hand, with a lot of thought behind it.
Social Media campaigns are something I love to do, and I tried to keep this true to the IM ABLE brand and mission.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my proposal.

Event Campaign

Evergreen Campaign